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We offer fixed prices on a range of computer services in Leicestershire.

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Computer Repairs

Got a Faulty PC?


Need a Quick Repair?


Leicester Computer Services can collect, repair and return your PC for a fixed labour fee of £45.00 + VAT (£54.00 inc VAT)


Most repairs can be done within 24 hours and some can even be done on-site while you wait.


All the work is fully guaranteed for 12 months.


Parts are extra but we hold most PC parts in stock and are very competitve on prices.


After collecting your PC we will test the hardware with diagnostics software. This will test all the main components in your PC.


We will also run a virus scan to make sure that there are no viruses on your hard drive.


After testing we will be able to tell you what parts you may need. If for any reason you do not want to go ahead with the repair we will charge you just £25.00 + VAT (£30.00 inc VAT) for the diagnosis.


If you live outside of Leicestershire? You would need to send the PC to us. Please contact us first so that we can book the PC in.


Please call on 0116 3196464 or email                                                      

for more information.


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