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Windows Reinstall

Has Windows stopped working?


Is your PC running slow or certain functions not working?


Sometimes Windows files become corrupt or are deleted my mistake. If this happens you may need to reinstall Windows.


Leicester Computer Services can help. For just £45.00 + VAT (£54.00 inc VAT) we will:-


  • Collect your computer*

  • Back up all your DATA and emails

  • Reinstall Windows

  • Install all the latest drivers for your Hardware

  • Download and install all the updates and latest service pack

  • Restore all you DATA and emails

  • Return your computer and reconnect it to your router and printer*


* Customers with LE post codes only.


You will need the Microsoft Windows 25 digit product key. This is a Microsoft sticker usually found on the bottom of your laptop or on the side of your PC. If this sticker is missing or worn so you can't read the number you will need to purchase a new license.


We can also upgrade your windows if you like. On the odd occasion certain computers may not be compatible with later versions of Windows. We will inform you if this is the case. There will be an extra charge to upgrade your windows. Please contact us for more details.


This process will involve formatting your hard drive. Although we can back up all your DATA we cannot save all your programs. You will need to reinstall these from the original CD or download. Some programs, such as later versions of Office and most Anti-Virus software, can be reinstalled.


Please call 0116 3196464 or email [email protected]                                                        to book an onsite collection or arrange to send your computer in.

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